From the pit stop for forklift trucks to the general overhaul of port technology

The overall economy of your fleet of electric, diesel and gas forklift trucks, container stackers, ReachStackers and RoRo tractors is also determined by the fact that the downtimes are kept as short as possible. This is ensured by our service fleet:
We have well-equipped forklift trucks with which we can carry out most of the typical repairs and wear on ground conveyors and container technology on site. The UVV test on your trucks or tractors is therefore fast, professional and uncomplicated.
For larger repair and maintenance work, we cooperate with a partner workshop that specializes in warehouse and port technology of all sizes and weight classes. There, our used forklift trucks are also subjected to a comprehensive check, UVV-tested and processed. Our forklift truck is also your competent partner for special products, attachments and special constructions around the fields of application, warehouse and port.
Rely on repair and service for forklifts, container tractors and tractors with over 25 years of experience!



The installers are available around the clock for our customers.


Large maintenance work, component replacement, machine overhauls and checks of assemblies.


National and international targets can be supplied via land and water.